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Palu Schmidt Digital HT-225V

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Deskripsi Palu Schmidt Digital HT-225V

Palu Schmidt Digital HT-225V submitted to GB /T9138-1988, JJG817-93 and JGJ/T23-2001 standards. The instrument is useful for quality Inspection Company, site testing or sampling and laboratory center, don’t have to manual calculation, machine automatically compute, grade and printing.

Jual Palu Schmidt Digital HT-225V

  1. The test hammer is combined with displayer part, easy to operate and make your work efficient.
  2. LCD color screen 176*220 (other manufacturers’ are black and white, low resolution)
  3. Large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, economic and environment protection, long use life, better than other market product (one time use battery)
  4. No-touch metal reflect grating and reflect compile sensor, better accuracy. (other manufacturer’s are ordinary transmission grating and optical coupler, or carbon film and brush touch sensor)
  5. Born with voice service, color screen display and traditional scale, more accurate, in case power off when site work, we still can make use of the scale to continue work. Voice service can make your work efficient. (similar product of other manufacturers’ in market no voice service and scale)
  6. USB interface, easy to connect with PC
  7. The software can set rebound value from upper limit to lower limit, and the abnormal date will be deleted automatically.
  8. Equipped with infrared portable printer, on site print test report.
  9. Some important components are processed from imported materials, after our excellent processing, the instrument get longer use life, better than other similar products.

Spesifikasi Palu Schmidt Digital HT-225V :

  1. Measuring ranges : 10-60 MPa
  2. Impact energy : 2.207 J
  3. Spring constant : 785 N/m
  4. Spring extension : 75 mm
  5. The consistency of the sample showing values : ≤±0.5 (Digital output sampling value difference with the cursor readings)
  6. The average rebound values on steel anvil : 80±2
  7. Display : 16-bit true color, 176 x 220 resolution, 5 grades backlight adjustment
  8. Data storage : 255 x 100 x 16 = 408000 testing results, 20 special test strength curves could also be requested to add of their own.
  9. Power : 4 AA alkaline batteries, 20000 times test.
  10. Communication interface :USB2.0 full-speed
  11. Weight : 1.1 Kg

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